Triton Luxury Submersibles



The Glass

The glass hull that makes up the passenger compartment is like nothing ever made before.
Capable of withstanding the crushing pressure of the bottom of the ocean – 16,000 psi –
the glass passenger compartment actually gets stronger under pressure. Hammering on the
surface of the glass at the bottom of the ocean is less likely to inflict damage on the hull
than doing so at sea level.


The ability to manufacture a six-feet wide glass sphere was developed by San Diego-based
Rayotek Scientific, a world leader in high-pressure glass technology fabrication. Scientists have
known, and engineers used,  glass, as well as the sphere shape, in many applications requiring
cosmic strength and integrity  for decades. But only with the development of this proprietary forming
process, and the creative application of it to deep ocean submersibles, is the Triton 36,000 Full
Ocean Depth Submersible able to reach the deepest and darkest corners of the ocean.


The glass used in the passenger hull is known as borosilicate glass. In order to ensure that
this glass holds up under tremendous pressure, there must not be a single weak point in the
entire hull’s surface. Creating a glass sphere isn’t difficult – creating a geometrically and mech-
anically symmetrical, faultless glass sphere, is difficult, and has never been done before at this
size. The glass sphere will take approximately eight months to manufacture, in order to safely
heat and cool the raw materials.