Triton Luxury Submersibles

The Triton 36,000 Full Ocean Depth Submersible represents a breakthrough in science and
technology that will revolutionize human’s relationship with the deep ocean. Competing with
the 16,000 pounds of pressure per square inch – equivalent to a 145 pound person holding up
49 jumbo jets – is no small feat. If it were, we would have returned already.




The Sub

The Triton 36,000 Full Ocean Depth Submersible is designed for serious research and
academics, as well as commercial use. With a planned descent rate of 500 feet per minute,
the deepest spot in the ocean at 35,800 ft. can be reached in approximately 75 minutes. Able
to hold three passengers, the sub requires a minimum of support equipment and personnel.


One of the challenges unique to the Triton 36,000 is how the pilot can control the  movement,
descent and ascent, propulsion and electrical systems of a glass hull that can’t have anything going
through the glass walls.  Any system that would ordinarily operate through traditional wires, hydraulics,
and cables passing through the walls of the passenger compartment has to be re-invented from
scratch.  As a result, Triton invented a system of touch-screen controls and information displays with commands communicated by fiber optic systems that transmit light through the glass hull. This is
the only way to ensure that the sub will be safe enough to travel so deep time and time again.