Each Triton comes extremely
well equipped and a significant
suite of optional equipment is available to adapt your Triton
to marine science research,
treasure hunting, undersea
videography, etc. And we'll
provision your yacht with an
appropriate set of spare parts and set-up the support equip-ment for flawless operation.


Our unsurpassed pilot/
maintenance training program
using the world's only deep
submersible pilot simulator
and our 24/7 customer support
will have you feeling supremely confident in your ability to
safely operate and
maintain your Triton.


And if the Triton is not large
enough, our parent company
has an entire fleet of luxury
submarine offerings up to
213 feet in length and $90
million in price.


Contact Triton Submarines
for more information.

The Triton 3300/3 is the most
versatile Triton that will take a
pilot and two passengers to
3300 feet (1000 m).

Stunning new styling leaves no
doubt that you are piloting  the
sexiest, most contemporary
deep submersible that
money can buy.








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