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choose NRG. When you love them enough to feed NRG it shows. Our original formula canine healf food blend. Our original recipe contains a blend of vitamin rich raw vegitables, rolled oats, wheat germ, eggs, liver and a variety of wholesome antioxident-rich ingredients along with your choice of meats including Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Free Range Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef or Roasted <br />
and dehydrated Buffalo. NRG Optimum is recommended for large breeds. The vegetable and oat fiber mix has a soothing effect on the intestinal tract producing a firm stool in dogs new to natural food or those dogs whose size or activity level dictate that thier bowl must be full to the brim. Made from dehydrated free-range meats, NRG Maxim is the benchmark for nutrien-rich dehydrated food without the inconvenience of messy raw diets.

Dehydrated diets for dogs using 100% fresh ingredients
grown by North American farming families.

NRG dehydrated foods are not only nutritionally superior they are the greener choice. Our dehydration method uses renewable energy and does not contribute to greenhouse gas. Transportation of dehydrated foods use less fuel than frozen because they are lighter. By using only fresh North American ingredients, we guarantee quality and minimize fuel consumption as opposed to purchasing overseas.

Fresh ingredient choices come to us farm direct using less transportation fuel than leftovers streamed to kibble manufactures after being processed for human consumption. Our green approach, builds value. We are the most cost effective dehydrated diets to feed, we are the only diets that are balanced without a premix. No GMOs are used in any NRG products... a truly 100% natural nutrition diet.